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MARCH 17, 2020:


The families and community we serve are always our top priority. During confusing and perilous times, such as the current COVID – 19 pandemic, we want to share our best practices with you.  We want to assure you that we are all in this together.


First, we are closely monitoring and following all guidelines from the CDC, from the National Funeral Directors Association, our state and local professional associations, as well as our State and Federal governments. These guidelines, which seem to be tightening every day, would limit many of the gatherings we currently have for wakes, visitations and funeral services. Area churches are putting many of their services on social media and in other digital formats while cancelling open and public services. For the time being, funeral services open to all who may want to attend may not be in the best interests of bereaved families, sympathetic friends, and others who want to honor the dead and comfort the living.  


Our duty to assist families in properly getting the dead to their final dispositions in a timely manner remains our most essential obligation and undertaking and suggests that we organize private services for the immediate family, which may be viewed virtually by others, at the funeral home, at graveside or fireside.


The planning of public services, sometime in the future, after the current peril is behind us, is something we can assist with in every aspect. These are among the measures we must put in place to protect and accommodate the elderly and infirm, the sickly and bereaved who are a large segment of the public we serve, as well as our staff here at the funeral home.


To avoid compromising the wellbeing of our visitors and staff, we encourage online condolences through our comprehensive website at where the public may visit around the clock and around the calendar for obituary information, service schedules and information about these policies and procedures, and answers to frequently asked questions on these and other concerns.  


As it has for over seventy years, for three generations now, Lynch & Sons maintain contact by phone on a 24/7 basis and likewise maintains a readiness to respond to a death in the family in our community with compassion, humanity, professionalism and immediate attention to the needs of the bereaved.   





As a family, we are committed to the trust and confidence of the communities we serve and to maintaining the reputation Lynch & Sons has established for excellence and honesty in meeting the needs of the bereaved. Now in seven locations, in four counties and our third generation, after nearly seventy years, we are locally known and nationally recognized for compassionate care of the living and the dead.







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